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Help, my Buddy List/Instant Messenger won't open
Make sure you don't have any programs running that block pop-ups. Having one or more of these running will block pop-up windows from opening. Not all pop-ups are bad.

Pop-up blockers or "script blockers" can be a browser plug-in, an 'extra feature' in a firewall or stand-alone program. For example, the latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger has a hidden pop-up blocker. Turning it off should fix the problem if all else fails.

If you find a blocker running, check to see if it has the ability to allow pop-ups from a specified website. If such an option does not exist, you'll need to disable your pop-up blocker. Doing so will allow the new window to appear and perform the function you want.

If you already turned off all your pop-up blockers and you're still experiencing the same issue, check to make sure you don't have any hidden toolbars running as well.

Be aware that some toolbars can still be running while they're hidden. To see all your toolbars, right click anywhere in the grey area near the top of your browser window, it should show you a menu of any toolbars you have installed with checkmarks next to them. If you see anything else in that menu that looks like it could be a toolbar, but does not have a checkmark next to it, that would mean that it's still installed but hidden. Usually you can click on it in that menu to make it visible, and most toolbars will have an uninstall option on them.

Please understand we cannot give tech support for third party software with pop-up blockers. If you need further assistance, we strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer of such programs.
Help, my buddy list won't open!
If the buddylist window doesn't open, or you are not receiving IMs when other members are sending them to you, make sure that you don't have a pop-up blocker installed that's blocking those windows from opening.

Please understand we cannot give tech support for third party software with pop-up blockers. If you need further assistance, we ask that you contact the manufacturer of such programs.
Help, my Buddy List opens but stays blank!
If the windows are opening but not loading correctly, try updating your Flash plugin, and when it's finished, there should be an "About" button on the page that will tell you which version you are running. The IM system requires Flash Version 6 or better to be able to connect. If your computer says that Flash is successfully installed but tells you that you have a version prior to 6, then you will need to install the latest version of Flash. To get the latest version click here.
How do I add someone to my Buddy List?
To add someone to your buddy list you can pull up someone's profile and click on the "Add to Buddylist" button on the left or you can add them through your buddy list.

Another way is to open your buddy list. Underneath your member name are three buttons, click on the one that is a plus(+) sign. A small window will appear and you can type in the name of the person you want to add. When you are done typing in the name, click on "Add to Buddylist" and that person will be added.
How do I remove someone from my Buddy List?
To remove people from your buddy list click on the minus(-) button right above your list of names. A small window should appear. From there you select a name from the drop down list and click "Remove Buddy".
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