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Met on -- Married April 2007
It all began on March 2, 2006, when I saw your website. I had been through a really rough time in my life. I decided to post my profile. Before I knew it....I got an interest. I sent one back. We began emailing for a couple days, then I decided to ask if he would give me his phone number and I would call him. As soon as I heard his voice, I knew he was the one. We talked for hours. We have so many things in common! After a couple calls we decided to meet at a Mall that is about half way for both of us. It was instant chemistry. I knew it would be. We have only been apart 5 days since we met. He is here with me now helping me pack up my condo to go to Charleston with him where we have an apartment waiting for us. He is a wonderful, gentleman and I know he was heaven sent. He is my soul mate and I am his. We love each other very much! There is a song by Savage Garden, I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You. That says it all. I did know I loved him before I met him. It was definitely meant to be. We are getting married on April 14, 2007 and wanted to share the good news!
-- Bill & Donna
Met on -- Married September 2006
In April I received an email from John, which in his email he said "Here's my number and I'll be home after 6:00 give me a call." I did not call him for a couple of days and one night I was reading his email again and decided what the heck. I called him by his screen name, which turned out to be his son answering the phone. I called back the same night and we talked for at least two or three hours. John asked if we could meet and for me to pick a safe public place. The next night, without ever seeing one another, we met at a restaurant. When John came through the door, we automatically looked at each other and smiled, which we haven't stopped smiling since! Ever since that night, we have been inseparable. We found ourselves falling in love with each other and decided to move in together. I just want to express my sincerest thanks to you because without your web site, I would have never met the love of my life.
-- John & Rhonda
Met on -- Matched August 2006
I joined your site when it first came online. It was actually the first dating website that I joined. I had tried many other sites. I found my soulmate on your site and I just wanted to say thanks! I had almost given up until I met Lori.
-- Todd & Lori
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