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Met on -- Engaged October 2006
Through your site I met lots of friends, some more then friends and lots of others. In particular I met one woman, we emailed through the system for a few months. We then decided to meet one Monday nite to grab a drink and watch the game. The first time we met, I instantly fell for her. We took it very slow the first couple of months. We had been dating steadily for about a year last Oct. On the weekend of Oct. 21st I took Alex down to DisneyLand on the guise of "we both need some down time." While there, we visited the wishing well next to Cinderella's Castle. I gave her a penny and told her to make a wish. She turned, closed her eyes and tossed it in. She then turned to me and told me to make a wish too. I was on. I turned to her and told her spending the rest of my life with her was my only wish. Got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Well 3 and half months later, plans are hitting a feverish pace. We decided to get married on 7-7-07 here in San Francisco. We just recently got all the contracts signed so we now officially have a church and a reception site. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for allowing the two of us to meet. I honestly know I never would have met Alejandra were it not for you and the website. Also on a side note, one of my closest friends, who I also met through the site will be acting as my best man uh-er woman. Which totally works perfectly cause her best friend is a guy!! Thanks again so much!!!!
-- Kevin & Alexandra
Met on -- Matched September 2006
Your services have found the woman of my dreams. If it were not for you, I would not have found her and I have been looking for a long time for the right one. We are both deeply in love and it is hard for me to explain to you how much in love we really are. We will be together for the rest of our lives. I cannot express enough thanks to you all for your help. Both Estela and myself will not need to renew our memberships, but, thats a good thing, OK? I just wanted all of you to know that your service has made us both VERY HAPPY!!!
-- David & Estela
Met on -- Matched September 2006
I just had to write and let you know that your site has changed my life in ways that I never felt was possible. I met the most wonderful man on line here his name is Jeff and mine is Robyn. He has brought more into my life than anyone I have ever met in my whole life. We met here on Sept. 15, 2006 and are still going strong today. We have admitted to one another that we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other. I can not get over the things that we have in common with each other and the things that we want to have out of life are all the same. He has two beautiful children whom I love just as much as I love him. I told him the first time that we met and he said he had children that if the day ever came that I or should I say we would want to make our life as one that it would not be just the two of us it would be the four of us. I just had to write and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making it possible to have a place that people like me and lots of other can meet and have a chance at real happeniness.
-- Jeff & Robyn
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