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Met on -- Married June 2005
I went to your website and began the process of meeting people online. I was a beginner and it was fun to talk to lots of different people. About one week later, I met Jim. We talked and got to know each other really well. After weeks of talking, we met in person. Then we realized how crazy we were for each other! And we have been flying back and forth, meeting family and spending time together. Well, we matched up so well, we decided to make it permanent! We will be gathering our family and friends for a really special celebration on June 4. That will be our wedding day! So, I just wanted to say thank you.
-- Jim & Kim
Met on -- Matched April 2005
I tried several different websites, paying too much money to get "set-up" with the wrong guys. I was about to completely remove myself from all forms of online dating after a horrible experience using (where I paid entirely too much to be matched with men who were not only located in other states but entirely non-compatible for my personality!). Then I received a message in my LoveAccess account one day - and it was an instant connection! I truly feel that I have met my soulmate and I look forward to the wonderful life that we will share together. Thank you for bringing us together!
-- Trisha
Met on -- Engaged April 2005
I answered an e-mail from one of your subscribers, and we hit it off right away. We began to do personal e-mails, then instant messenging. Just 2 weeks after we began talking, we met in person. It was literally love at first sight! We spent a wonderful weekend together, and decided before it was over that we wanted to spend more time together. Alot more time. As a matter of fact, I am resigning my job to go and live with him! We are considering a common law marriage, to be consummated by legal mariage in a year. I never knew how wonderful real love is...the air smells of roses, the sun always shines. He is my everything, and I am the same to him. Thank you, Love Access, for bringing me and my love together.
-- Angela
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