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Met on -- Matched September 2004
Initially I just signed up so I could browse to see what was out there. I met a man on your site and he is EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a man, all the qualities that are important to me. We met on your site on Sept. 15, 2004. We are still together and things are going strong for us. I truly have fallen in love with him. I just wanted to thank you and share my positive experience. It's almost like we have known each other or loved each other in another life. He is so full of life and we have a lot in common. I tell my friends and they can't believe it! Thank you!
-- Dawn
Met on -- Married June 2004
2 years ago, I was sick of the dating scene, and quite comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of my life alone. I signed up with your site to still be able to chat to other people who might be going through the same thing. One day, I received a mail from a young man in England, who decided to write to me, despite the difference in miles and a correspondence was started. I'm happy to report that we were married last June and still as much in love as the moment we first met. I know how very lucky we are to have the success we have in our relationship, that it is something very few people can find anywhere, but if it hadn't been for LoveAccess, we wouldn't have found each other at all, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for facillitating the greatest love in the world.
-- Leslie
Met on -- Married June 2004
I just wanted to write saying thank you to your site. I met the love of my life 4 years ago through your site and we are now married going on 2 years. We are truly perfect together and not only did I find the love of my life, but I found the best friend anyone could have. Thank you again.
-- Maija
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