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Met on -- Married November 2004
We would like to inform you that we are proof that your online dating really works!!! We met on line two years ago November 02. This past November 2nd we got married and are very, very happy! To make a long story short, I was just coming out of a bad relationship and my best friend signed up with your site. She sent me her profile for me to proof read for her...and I decided to sign up for a free trial. That's when I seen my husbands profile that matched mine perfectly. So much I thought at first I was reading my own profile. We started talking, my kids just loved him...and well, our success is now we will be together always...and that’s thanks to your website. I hope this inspires others to try love access knowing its not just like all the others! Thank you so much!
-- Steve & Bobbi
Met on -- Engaged November 2006
In September of 2004, I found the most wonderful woman on here. Now in 2006, we're still happily together and even engaged. We just wanted to thank you, for helping us bring our lives together. We couldn't be happier.
-- Jonathan
Met on -- Matched November 2006
Yes i did find my true love and it's great. Just taking our time and really getting to know each other even been talking about getting married someday in the future thought there was no more nice guys out there after i came out of a bad marriage but i was wrong he has come in my life and stole my heart there will never be another man make me feel these good about myself in years and never will be again. Hopefully god has sent my real true soul-matecause right now i can't see spending my life with no one except him. Thank You so much i really do belive in love now
-- Melissa
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